What’s this all about?

Well hey there! Excuse my exclamatory excitement I am just excited to have a reader!  I want to go ahead and clarify here from the get go, I am in no way an expert on any topics I touch on. I am merely a fellow soul learning to swim among other souls through this journey of life. As far as starting a blog, I find it most beneficial and functional for myself when I write things down. Selfishly, selflessly I hope my candor can help more than just my own well-being. I like to apply humor to my situations, but I am also realistic and have a deep appreciation for rawness; I try to to be as genuine as possible, for me that’s knowing we can laugh and cry at life’s curve balls. Here you will get both, I will be making entries as I feel them, so some days I may aim towards a laugh while others I circle a more saddened theme.

I feel like I have always had a lot of, spinning plates, (who doesn’t) but as of late things have seemed to pile on more than usual. My experience, in todays society, as a single mom, what that feels like, looks like and sounds like to me. Basically an open invitation to follow my journey.  Cue the title of this blog, “Modern Momma”.

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